The following information is designed to help answer many common questions potential student-athletes have regarding participation in King High athletics.


Participating in extra-curricular sports is not a right, but a privilege and all student-athletes must maintain eligibility to compete.  All competing athletes are declared “eligible to compete” and have to meet basic requirements in the following six categories:
1) Scholastic,
2) residential,
3) age requirements,
4) outside participation,
5) clearing process and
6) school athletic code of conduct.
Failure to meet the requirements of eligibility may result in a student not being allowed to participate in athletics at Martin Luther King High.


Students must pass a minimum of four classes equaling 20 units each semester with a D or better, and only one of those classes can be PE. Students must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in all work on a 4.0 grading scale.

A student loses eligibility to compete if their GPA falls below 2.0 at the quarter grades and at semester. The next quarter would be the next marker in which the GPA will determine eligibility.

Summer school classes can correct low scores from previous classes and improve a GPA for the Fall Semester.  Grade point average can be improved under the following conditions:

  1. Repeated Courses. If a student is repeating a course previously taken and failed, the repeat grade replaces the previous and should be averaged along with all of the courses during the spring grading period.
  2. Classes that do not have a letter grade are to be eliminated from grade point computation.
  3. Summer school courses failed do not impair an athlete’’s scholastic eligibility (or lack thereof) achieved in the spring semester.


The school, (assumed here to be King High School) of your original attendance is where you begin eligibility and it will remain as long as you don’t leave King High School.   CIF has other requirements for transfer students so check the website for clarity as to the CIF guidelines for transfers.


If a student turns 19 before June 15 prior to graduation, that student is ineligible to compete from that day on.


Competing on a team outside of your high school team during the season of your sport will result in ineligibility.

According to the CIF-SS: “A season of sport is defined as that period which begins with a student’s first interscholastic competition (non-league game, tournament contest or league game).”


All athletes must do the following steps in order to compete.

COMPLETION OF RUSD ATHLETIC PACKET  All King High Student-athletes must fill out the entire RUSD packet on a yearly basis.  All forms within the packets must be completed-

  • COMPLETION OF A DOCTOR’S PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – An athlete must have a physical examination that declares their ability to participate in athletics each year. A physical is good for one calendar year. All athletes must have a valid physical on file to participate in summer camps, or to try out for a sport at any time of the school year. A physical must be conducted by a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D).
  • STUDENT BODY CARD – Though this is not a requirement, all King High athletes are strongly encouraged to purchase an ASB card to help fund athletics.
  • READ & SIGN SCHOOL & CIF CODE OF CONDUCT – These are on the back of the RUSD Athletic Packet and available from your individual coaches.


Athletic success demands team unity and a positive attitude. Individual spirit and aggressive pursuit of individual goals are, of course, encouraged, but in all King High sports, athletes must recognize that “team spirit” takes priority over individual pursuits.

With this in mind Martin Luther King High School, through the Athletic Department, responsible standards for behavior as a leading priority. We firmly believe that athletes and the Department of Athletics represent King High to the broader community and we expect student-athletes to remember that while at practice and in competition.

The PEAK philosophy adopted by the King High Athletic Department strives to Promote Education-Based Athletics at King, and all of the above fall in line with the general philosophies of PEAK and this falls in line with the desire for strong citizenship displayed by the student-athletes at King High.   PEAK is about using athletics at the high school level and within the context of an educational institution to teach whole-life principles and lessons to the student-athletes who participate in sports at KHS.


The physical health of students is very important and the responsibility for this falls on the athlete, parent, doctor and coach should share the responsibility for the physical well-being and preparation of the athlete so he/she can safely meet the demands of competitive athletics.

It is a fact that alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and non-prescribed drugs are injurious to the human body. No true athlete will dispute the fact that in athletics, smoking, drinking, and drugs detract significantly from the well-being of the team AND the individual. This is true all year long, not just during a season of sport.

If any athlete wishes to use illegal substances, they should voluntarily remove themselves from the team for the team’s sake.  Athletes who violate this trust may be removed from the team by the coach or the administration of King High School.  Athletes risk forfeiture of a varsity letter or any other award. Students in violation of this standard may also lose the privilege of participating in athletics at King High in the future.  Violation of this standard includes time directly involved in practice or competition,, but is not restricted to only that.  Attending school functions under the influence of a banned substance, possessing banned substances at school functions, and/or be a participant with those who partake in these types of activities are all grounds for disciplinary action.


Our desire is that King High athletes have and show respect for the school and community laws,  for individuals and property, for their teachers and classrooms and ultimately for himself or herself as a human being.  This, we believe, can translate into positive, contributing adults than can positively affect society.

Any athlete that coaches, teachers and-or administrators feels is a detriment to his/her school or team because of negative behavior and conduct may be suspend from athletic competition.

If an athlete is suspended from school by the administration for disciplinary reasons, he/she will be ineligible to practice or compete with his/her team until the period of suspension is over.


During competition an athlete is expected not to use profanity or illegal tactics. Participants should understand that losing is part of the game and should be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. It is courteous to congratulate the opponent at the completion of a contest, whether in defeat or victory, however, if you have nothing good to say to your opponent, say nothing at all. Officials are present during a contest to try and insure that each team receives equity in decisions made. It is an athletic tradition and a written rule that only the captain and/or coach may talk to officials. Any discussion with an official must be controlled and respectful at all times. Any behavior contrary to any of the above statements is a direct reflection on the school and team and could mean suspension or expulsion from the team. An behavior contrary to the above code may result in removal from the team. Fighting will not be tolerated for any reason. There will be an automatic one game suspension for the following game, and may result in suspension or remove from the team.


We are asking you to help make our locker rooms a more pleasant place for all concerned. We are asking athletes to comply with the following etiquette and safety rules. (1) Turn off your shower when you are finished; (2) show respect for any adult that is assisting in the department; (3) do not snap towels or throw them (4) do not wear your cleats in the lock room; and (5) above all, do not participate in horseplay in the showers or locker room. Continued violation of the above could mean suspension or possible expulsion from an athletic team.


Athletes should abide by the rules of the athletic trainer. Any equipment in the training room should be used only under the direction the trainer or his/her designate. Failure to follow the guidelines establish by the trainer may result in disciplinary action from your coach or athletic director. Athletes must be supervised when in training rooms.


Behavior on the bus is extremely important to the morale and disciple of our teams. A team cannot be thinking about the task at hand if they are involved with horseplay.

Eating on the bus is prohibited unless you are given special permission by the bus driver. Students must remain seated when the bus is in motion. Shoes with cleats must be removed before boarding a bus. Buses will be left clean following each trip.

All athletes must return to school by the bus unless personally excused by the coach and/or assistant principal to go home with their parents. Prior arrangement must be made if athlete will not ride the bus from event. Failure to follow our transportation guidelines may result in disciplinary action from your coach or athletic director.


After an athletic team has been selected, the athlete must receive the coach’s approval before dropping the sport. If the student does not receive this approval and quits or is dropped from the team for disciplinary reasons, the student will forfeit his/her award and/or credit and will not be allowed to participate on another team until the completion of the sport season and until the student has the approval of the athletic director.


King High will strive to furnish you with the best possible equipment. You are responsible for all equipment checked out to you and should return this equipment in the original condition, except for normal wear. A charge will be made to you for lost or damaged equipment. Failure to pay this charge will result in your diploma being held at graduation.


If you are to miss a practice, either call your coach or consult him/her ahead of time. Failure to do so is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the team.


Student team members will be placed in a varsity athletic period only with the approval of the coach, athletic director and administration. They will be assigned to their coach during the sport season and after that season is over they will be placed in a regular physical education class.


Is compulsory for all students engaged in competitive athletics.


Every student participating on an athletic team must have a physical examination annually. The RUSD Athletic Packet contains a form to be completed by your family doctor. The high school will provide the opportunity for an exam at least once a year.


All injuries should be reported to the coach immediately. The coach will fill out an accident form and take the necessary steps to see that you receive proper care.