April 6, 2021

RIVERSIDE:  It wasn’t supposed to end this way. At least not on paper.  Roosevelt High School came to King on Wednesday carrying with them a bag of wins; six of them to be precise.  Oh yea, and they also packed an impressive 19 point differential on the season, having scoring 22 points to their opponents 3.  The Mustangs, loaded with 14 seniors, have been on a rout this season, tearing through opponents like a hot knife through butter.

So, a final score of 0-0 against King, a team loaded with underclassmen, was more than a tie score, it was a “victory” for the Wolves, who likely should have succumbed to the same treatment the last six opponents of the Mustangs have been inflicted with.

“We were ready for the challenge and the boys had their best effort of the season” crowed a very pleased head coach, Todd Mapes.

Both teams had 3 good opportunities to score in the first half, but couldn’t put the ball past the goalkeepers.  King sophomore Justin Aparicio had 7 saves and recorded the shutout.

“Senior Gerardo Gaona was the man of the match by tracking down every ball and creating opportunities to score” Mapes said.  “But really, what an outstanding performance by the entire team. We stood up to their pressure and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

A tie of course isn’t a win. But given the context of this game, it was.