March 31, 2021

RIVERSIDE:  The Pumas of Chaparral High came to the General Olds golf course on the southern edge of Riverside Wednesday and they packed their golf bags with determination and skill.

“It was an exciting match!” exclaimed the boys head coach Lucinda Brewer of the 4 point win King earned.

In team play of golf, each squad puts six players on the course, and, interestingly, they drop the best scorer for each team, thereby adding up the following 5 players. The total shots for those five players determine the team score, and it may go without saying but we’ll say it anyway, in golf the low score wins.

King’s group 1 (two players from King – Bear Huff and Trever Lauritzen – along with two from Chaparral) played well, but the Pumas were ahead by three strokes.

But Group Two surged and took the Pumas in that group by 8 strokes, and by the time Group 3 came through holding par with their opponents, King finished with the five-stroke victory.

“We all knew that Group 3 was pivotal” said Brewer of Cade Morganti and Wesley Weaver and their rounds. “It was exciting!”

Group Two’s play seemed to get the spotlight.  Max King-Kostarev (Jr) shot a 39 and freshman Jeffrey Heath shot a 41 to put King into the lead, and ultimately the win.

Brewer explained the details behind the victory:  “I continue to see improvement in the small things that make a huge impact on potential scoring – pre shot routine, minimizing the damage, not allowing the last shot to determine the next one, and realizing that a two-foot putt deserves as much attention as a 100 yard approach shot.”

Experience is a great teacher. The Wolves, coming off a loss in their most recent competition, seemed to have learned well in a short span, as demonstrated against a quality opponent in Chaparral.

“You get experience when you don’t get what you want” the coach said.  “The process is the experience, not the result.”

Though sometimes the results can be exciting too.