Written by Coach Kistler
When you think of girls wrestling you don’t see Isabella Tan fitting that mold. A petite straight-A student who sings the national anthem at home wrestling meets before going out on the wrestling mat and terrorizing her big eight league competition. If King Solomon asked God for wisdom then Bela must have asked for talent because she has a lot of it. She is a two time California State qualifier, 2 time Masters place winner and a 3 time C.I.F. place winner not to mention a GPA over a 4.0 every year. She has been awarded numerous Big 8 League and C.I.F. academic awards.  She is polite and soft spoken but wrestles like an alligator snapping turtle. She is dedicated to hard work in every facet of her life and it shows. She was one of the first and original King wrestlers for the Girls Wrestling Team and her great legacy will continue to inspire and motivate other young girls into the future.