Written by Coach Masi

Eleanor Stoever is strong in mind and spirit and has a resolve that goes unmatched amongst many teenagers. Her work ethic often leaves her moving straight from high school into club practices, and her consistent improvement in the water is a testament to that. Stoever began her freshman year somewhat new to competitive swimming. Her time in the water began many years prior as a synchronized swimmer, but she adapted quickly and used her focus to create and meet goals that moved her into the varsity and then the league championship ranks. But Ellie’s maturity stood out from the beginning and remained solid into this season. She is not afraid to approach her coaches and build a relationship that asks for ways to improve, succeed, and excel in the sport. She is one of the first to arrive, the last to leave, and is always willing to help without being asked. Ellie’s future appears quite bright in the sport as her personality, thoughtful ways, and true mental fortitude will keep her moving forward in all the best capacities.