King ran away with another sweep yesterday, this time it was the Centennial Huskies who went home with the goose-egg.  King won 18-0.

They are perfect thus far, in the Big 8, though that is not Coach Gagnon’s goal.

Consistency is.

“Sometimes when you are in the midst of a ‘perfect record’ a player begins to expect a perfect performance at every game. When ‘perfection’ doesn’t  occur and mistakes are made, frustration sets in.  Our team continues to work on maintaining integrity, having great attitudes, and striving to be consistently consistent, instead of perfect” the seasoned coach said after the dispatch of Centennial.

Singles players Katie Lucius, Samantha Quezada, and Bella Conner each brought in 3-0 sets for the Wolves.

The Doubles teams of Seeta Patel/Thais Olvera; Jaslyn Gines/Hyunjin Rheem; & Jenny Noh/Erica Zomalt followed suit, adding an additional 9 sets.

King Tennis has won 72 straight sets with no sets lost, resulting in a perfect Big VIII League record of 4-0.  Their overall record is 16-2.

King is adept at taking an average of their  ups and downs in their performance and working towards a higher “average”.  While perfection is not the goal, a perfect record in league has been the result.

“We’re still not perfect” Gagnon laughed, despite what the stats say.

But they are consistently good, which has them awfully close to it.