RIVERSIDE:  King’s boys water polo team hosted their cross town rival Poly on Wednesday.  When the water had settled, Poly left for their home with an 11-9 victory but it wasn’t due to King’s lack of effort.  In fact, it was despite it.

We had numerous players scoring goals, stealing the ball, or doing something to help the team all game long” said King coach Collin Marshall.  “We didn’t have one super star because everyone was a super star, contributing one way or another.”

Still, it was a “tough loss”, to use Marshall’s words, as any loss to a rival should be.

There were highlights though as Evan Ausmus had five steals and King’s spread of shooters was able to keep the score tight throughout the match. King had the lead 6-5 at the half time. Will Tibbets was taking Ausmus’ lead on steals and snagging a few of his own.

In the second half, the two teams played evenly, but two five-meter penalties on King gave Poly penalty shots that ultimately proved to be the difference in the score.

“Poly just had a small advantage over us in speed and creating and finishing scoring opportunities” Marshall noted. “Overall, it was a very even match up between the two teams and the team fought hard through every quarter.”

Tibbets stated the obvious: “Losing to Poly was pretty tough, especially with our school rivalry and everything. We played tough and we didn’t quit throughout the entire game. Hopefully we’ll get another chance at them later on in season.”