Spend any time in the education system and you’ll likely have a great teacher.  It’s different for everyone, but that one instructor connected well, guided you to new horizons, or lit a fire that otherwise would not have been.  Good teachers have a way of delivering the “goods” in a way unlike others.

For the boys volleyball team this season their teacher is named Adversity.  And by any measure, at 2-11, the lessons Ms. Adversity has been dealing this season have been tough to take.  But hold judgement just yet. Education takes time.

King faced the La Sierra Eagles and lost in three sets on Tuesday, 25-19, 25-13, and 25-20.

“La Sierra is a tough opponent with good ball control and a well-balanced offense.” said head coach Sondra Lough, who is working hard to help her charges navigate the hallways inside the School of Hard Knocks.

Like a punctured tire, the Wolves were flat, they played flush with the floor and with the air let out, bouncing back from tough La Sierra serves and attacks seemed nearly impossible.

Ms. Adversity has a way of deflating ego, drive and ambition.  But let us not forget she might be the best teacher there ever was.

Lough captured that wisdom saying,  “Even through the adversity, the boys recognize what they need to change within themselves and with the team. Our mindset and attitude about how we play needs to be more important than the outcome of the game.”

Winning is nice, of course, but winning often veils the more important and valuable things; like playing to one’s potential (regardless of the score) and working together as a team.  “Without those things, we will not get better.” Lough said.

Senior, Jayden Hackbarth,  who finished the game with 12 digs, is a fine pupil and learning from his teacher. “Although the last game was rough, this sport has not only been an outlet to meet new people and build relationships, but it has allowed me to grow a deep passion for something that I haven’t experienced for a while. It’s not about me as a player, but about the other seniors, staff, and the legacy of boys volleyball at King.” he said.

Well put, Grasshopper.

Hackbarth, Lough, heck, everyone on the team would like the winning to return, and soon.  Who wouldn’t? Ms. Adversity doesn’t come across as nice.

But until that happens, the team is left to scratch their heads, study, and figure out what what the Professor is trying to teach them.

Oh, and do hold your judgement for now, as these lessons just may be the best they’ll ever learn … and if they are, then it won’t matter what the score says.