For four seasons now, Lanie Bavier has taken up the somewhat crazy event of pole vaulting and steadily become not just a more consistent athlete but a true leader, not just within her event group, but of the team as well.  Both of those attributes figure to be huge factors in what she will be contributing in the 2019 track season.

Let’s face it, you have to be at least a little bit off center to want to catapult your body into the air via a fiberglass stick. Lanie will admit to be a “little bit crazy” but she also admits that vaulting is an event she loves and she has come to relish the challenge and the experience it offers. She came out for the sport as a freshman, partly because brother Ryan (class of 2018) was a vaulter but she has done more than enough to stand alone, outside of anybody’s shadow. A three year letter winner, she has been a consistent high finisher in the City Championships and received numerous medals and awards along the way. Her consistency at dual meets have helped lead to numerous team victories, She is a two time team captain, an honor that approximately only 20 young ladies have achieved in the 20 year history of the program.

As good as she might be at her craft and as hard as she works to improve on the physical , it is in the arena of leadership where she excels. Lanie provides everyday the example of what it takes to be in this program and to succeed both on and off the field. She believes in the 3 C’s and the importance of team. On more than one occasion, in her quiet but passionate way, she has stood up for those beliefs both in word and in deed. All of those attributes will be important this year because of the young and inexperienced influx of female vaulters we have this season AND as this team moves forward in finding it’s identity. She is fully aware of her goals and what she wants to accomplish for herself but she is also very aware of the impact she will have on this season and on the future.

This impact was just illustrated the other day at practice when one of the new vaulters came to Coach Roll, a veteran of some 25 years of coaching the vault, and asked, “Coach, how can I get better?” Coach Roll didn’t miss a beat. He pointed at Lanie who was on the runway preparing for a practice jump and said “Just watch and listen to Lanie and you’ll be fine.”

Written by Coach Corona