CORONA:  The King girls lost to first place Centennial 2-0 on the road last night. The scoring occurred early with two corner kick goals for Centennial at the 12 and 19 minute mark.

“Centennial has made a mark in the Big VIII this year with their ability to score corner kick goals.” said King head coach Dave Smith.  “They are extremely athletic and take advantage of their size in their games.”

Despite the loss, the game had the marks of improvement that made Smith happy.

“We played a much more complete game against Centennial the second time around. We were more creative with our off the ball movement and moved the ball.

Senior Nicole Skaggs added:  “The first time we played them it was hard to get past the 50 yard line and today we were able to have a much better attack and scoring chances.”

Smith said that the team’s goal for the second half of the season was to improve from the first half.  “We’ve done a good job of it. We have allowed only one goal in two games against them that was not a corner kick so that shows that our transition defense is coming together well.”

“The girls never stopped working” even though the score was 2-0 early against them Smith said.  Centennial was limited to one corner kick attempt in the last 60 minutes and only two shots on goal.

“The girls have continued to impress me with their heart and passion on the field” Smith said.

King will have another test of their improvement coming on Thursday as they will face Santiago at home on Senior night.