With a 3.21 over all high school GPA and involvement in BSU, Jonathan Tchengang works hard as a student.  Always a smile on his face, always a positive thing to say, always encouraging teammates and friends.  Jon is truly an ambassador.  His positive attitude is infectious.  Jonathan did not make the team his freshman year, but he should have.  To his credit, he stuck with it.  He made is way on to the JV team his sophomore year.  His junior year Jon was asked to stay on JV and develop.  Without a negative word, Jon got to work and became a driving force.  His patience and willingness to do whatever it takes has paid off.  Jon will be an integral part of our varsity team’s success.  Jon is a PEAK athlete.  He cares about the greater good of the team.  He rejoices in its success and hurts in its failures.  Jon’s positive and quiet leadership will guide us this year.  Nice work Jonathan and thank you.