The Huskies of JW North, coached by Harlan Kistler II took on the Wolves of King High, coached by Harlan Kistler Sr. Yea, you read it right.

With the King grad and former Wolf standout now leading the Huskies from North, the duel of the Dogs and between Dad and Son was a no-brainer.

King took it’s varsity “B Team” in the lighter weights to allow for a fair and challenging duel. It went back and forth until King built up a big lead.

However, King had to forfeit two upper weight classes which reduced their lead by three points.

King lost the last match of the night and North took home the Big Dog trophy award for this first-annual event.

Danny Cisneros, a freshman, was picked as King’s MVP of the match by the North coaches and presented with the “Bid Dog” MVP medal.

King’s heroes at the duel included  Mike Paige who pinned North to give King its early lead. Mike is only a freshman with very little wrestling experience and he won in big fashion.  Josh Ireys scored a big pin for King as did Nathan Condron and Logan Hancock. 

Corey Thomas got a pin against a very good North wrestler.

Carlos Badoya who has been in the sport for only a week, had an exciting first match against North’s captain.  He challenged the much more experienced wrestler, keeping the score tied until the last round.

“It was a glimpse of how talented and successful Badoya will become in the sport” said Kistler.

So Kistler the younger went home with the win, but one could only imagine that Kistler the senior wasn’t too disappointed with the loss.