Learning, Integrity, Faithfulness and Excellence are the characteristics the cross country team hopes to be defined by.  They form an acronym, LIFE.  The LIFE goals for the program, especially when we fall short of them, draw us back, correct us and remind us of what’s truly important.

Matthew Castro embodies each of those values and thus serves as an ambassador of cross country.  While he’d be quick to humility and remind  you of his imperfections and failures, his story is one marked by a consistent growth in each pillar of the program.  Having never run competitively prior to high school, he had to learn how to train, to compete.  He has done this well. His faithfulness over four seasons has been the heartbeat of all that is good and life-giving.  Excellence has been his destination.  And through it all, his integrity and character have been quietly on display, showcasing a young man who has lived these high school years well and is prepared to enter the next stage of life.

He goes having left behind a great example of what LIFE is all about.