RIVERSIDE:  The newest high school in Riverside is Hillcrest and they haven’t taken long to build one of the best, if not the best boys volleyball teams in the city.  Hillcrest sits in first place in the league and Coach Sondra Lough’s boys from King knew what they were up against as they rumbled westbound on the 91 freeway.

“We knew they were a good team” the seasoned coach said, as she reflected on her goal of keeping her players composed and not let the pressure of a strong opponent get to them.

The outcome was a four-set loss, but overall Lough was pleased.

“We served the best we have all season with a 97% rate” she said.  The defense was led by both Michael Torquato and Cole Vigo who had 9 digs a piece.  Torquato had 8 kills and Vigo finished with 7 kills.

With the second round of the season on, Lough is aiming her team at improving from the first half, which despite the score at Hillcrest, she felt the squad made that improvement from Round One’s match against Hillcrest, even with a new lineup on the court.

“Our goal is to got 5-2 in the second round” she reported.



Urgency and consistency, two things that did seem to be missing on Wednesday will be in high demand for that goal to be achieved.