CORONA:  On  Wednesday the King Wolves girls water polo team played in a highly anticipated rematch with the talented Santiago Sharks

When the two programs played earlier in the season, there were some fundamental things that the coaches of King felt their girls needed to work on. Through hard work and learning from their mistakes the last time, the coaches took their girls into the pool on Wednesday feeling prepared.

“From the moment our girls walked on the deck, they were focused and ready” said coach Felicia Sloneker.

In the first quarter King made some re-arrangements in the placement of their starting lineup. This allowed for players such as Kyndall Burrell (12, Senior) to shine through with the first goal of the game. Kyndall was a pivotal player through out the game, gaining 3 goals for the Wolves. At the end of the first quarter, the score was King 3, Santiago 1 and the Lady Wolves’ starter Madison Stamen (#11, Senior) had gained 2 exclusions.

Through both the 2nd and 3rd quarters, King’s main focus was defense, something that tripped up the players the last time they played Santiago. King’s goalie, Alyssa Salgado (#1, Sophomore) had an amazing game with 15 blocks.

Kyndall and Madison had a combination of 8 steals between the two of them.

“We were also able to see good things from our up and coming freshmen Gabriella Velasco (#9, Freshmen), who in total had 5 assists and 3 steals.” Sloneker said after the game which King won, 9-4.

“Overall, our girls played a good game. There are a couple of small things that need to be improved upon, but other than that, our girls are in a CIF mindset” Sloneker said.

Those CIF games will begin Wednesday, February 14.