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KING HIGH: It was “Senior Night” in the pool on Monday as the Wolves took on Norco High in a Big 8 matchup. Coach Rahn started his seniors and played them significant minutes. Senior Jesse Ramirez led the charge with 3 goals and fellow Senior PEAK athletes Jerry Mendez and Riley Smith added 2 goals apiece.

The result was a nice win over the Cougars with a score of 13-8.

Rahn had “line changes” throughout the game, bringing in a new mix of younger and older athletes that don’t typically get to play together.

“It made a fun competition among the different classes and years.” Rahn said.

“It didn’t really hit me that this would be my last year in high school and my last season” said Riley Smith.  “That being said, I wanted to play like it was my last game and treat every game from here on out as so. I have grown to be great friends with the boys, both seniors and other classes, on the team and I will miss them next year.”

Jesse Ramirez, who took advantage of some goal making opportunities agreed with his classmate. “Being a senior this year and realizing that it was one of my last high school water polo home games ever, I had to go out and play hard and show everybody what kind of player I am and how much I’ve progressed in the past four years of playing this sport.”

Brady Castillo, Kevin Shearer, Blake Dennis, Jacob Goldsberry, Matthew Hamburger, Aden Peralta all contributed to the team score of 13 points with fine play of their own.

Jerry Mendez, along with Smith and Ramirez, set a season high in scoring in one game.  Like the others, he too was struck by the moment, the passing of time and the significance of a last year in the pool as a polo player.

“I didn’t realize how fast time fly’s by, one second i’m a freshman just being introduced to water polo, and the next i’m a senior trying to get the next group of boys ready to take my place” he said.  “I want to thank the coaches that have pushed me to work my hardest and to give nothing but my best for the team, and the boys for always keeping me positive even after a loss, I hope to see everyone again in the near future.:

For Coach Rahn, he was left with a sense of pride, though he wasn’t there at the beginning of this group’s freshman year.  “I am proud of the senior boys for committing and putting in all the hard work they’ve put in through the years” Rahn said.  “They continue to show great leadership and resolve. The younger athletes look up to them and are following their example.”

King’s record improved to 8-14 and will play Roosevelt on Wednesday.