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Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · SHARKS ATTACK, MISS THE BIG BITE

KING HIGH: On King’s home court, the Santiago Sharks played, trying desperately to take a bit out of King’s perfect season.  They played well, but in the end missed their opportunity, and King’s tennis team continued moving toward it’s perfect season. King is now 14-0 and 6-0 in league after an 11-7 victory.

“We knew that this would be a tough match for us” said Coach Gagnon. In the first round her girls came out ready and played well finishing up that round with a 4-2 lead on the Sharks.

Adversity struck when singles player, Jaslyn Gines, had to resign the 2nd and 3rd rounds with a hamstring pull.  With only one set dropped in singles, King moved on to round two.

To Santiago’s credit, they rallied and fought hard in the 2nd round. King picked up 1 singles and 2 doubles wins there and pushed themselves to an 8-4 lead.

In the final round, Katie Lucius picked up the solo win in singles for a personal 3-0 sweep.  Two more doubles’ sets were captured, with Faith DeMicco and Seeta Patel pulling in the 2nd 3-0 sweep for the Wolves.

“The team maintained a “can do” attitude as the match tightened” Gagnon recalled, simultaneously describing a trait her team has displayed all season, regardless of the level of competition.

“They did not fold, instead they showed resolve, dug deep, and continued to execute until they were successful. Even when there was distracting ‘chatter’ from the other team’s gallery, our team supported each other throughout the match” she said.

Santiago holds the distinction of being the only league opponent to beat King in over 15 seasons. Given that, and the yearly challenge they pose to the Wolves, when Gagnon told her seniors that this was the last match they’d play against their rivals, the were excited.  “Yes!” they said enthusiastically.

Which will likely be their response in about a week’s time when the program notches yet another league championship.