KING HIGH:  In conjunction with the Fall Sports/Homecoming Rally on Friday, the athletic department honored selected athletes from each of the Fall sports.  The student-athletes chosen embody the core values of PEAK.

PEAK is an acronym that stands for “Promoting Educational Athletics at King” and encompasses the philosophy of sports that King High desires for its athletes in practice, competition and on campus.  A detailed explanation of the attributes that are embedded in the PEAK athlete is described here.

For a look back to the honorees in 2016, click here.

Here is a brief summary of the athletes chosen mid-season that represent the qualities of PEAK for each of the Fall sports.

Mitchell Machuca (10th) has made a dramatic improvement in running from his 9th grade season. He is running solidly at the varsity level and is leading by example in his hard work and tenacious racing. He is an outstanding student and involved in ASB

Mackenzie Peters (11th) holds a 4.19 GPA, is enrolled in AP and Honor’s classes and works extremely hard in her sport. She’s a team leader and respected by many for the PEAK qualities she demonstrates on a daily basis.

Matt Sylvester
has an outstanding work ethic and is an outstanding leader.  Matt leads both vocally and by example, and is an inspiration to all.

Delaney Crump strives to improve both her academics and golf game for the last 3 years. She had been very successful in achieving her goals.  She carries one of the lowest averages on the golf team this year. She is also the team captain and helping keep her team undefeated this year.

She achieved her goal to become a scholar athlete last year and continues excel in the classroom.

Lexi Alvarez
exemplifies PEAK with a calm, lead-by-example demeanor.  She has always maintained ideal sportsmanship and demonstrates the highest level of character and integrity with measured humility.

Treasure Rucker is a positive and energetic team captain.  She is one of our vocal leaders on and off the court.​ I can always count on Treasure to work hard in practice, at games and in the classroom.    ​

Matt Hamburger 
is an excellent and motivated PEAK-athlete. He is compassionate towards everything around him and always gives the extra effort. Whether that is in the pool, the classroom, or in random displays of kindness he brightens up his surroundings and leads with an outstanding example. His teammates enjoy playing with him and he is unwavering positive.