1)  How long have you been coaching at King.   I have been coaching at King for 8 years. 

2)  What was the 2016 season like?  Last year we were much more of a physical team.  We had experienced varsity players with a lot of seniors.  Where did your team end up? We ended up 2nd in the BIG VIII.  Lost in 1st round of CIF to the eventual CIF Finalist.

3) How does 2016 factor into 2017?  We are a much different looking team this year, but we have a lot of success from our past to build upon.  This team wants to keep that tradition on and off the court.   We are going to have to rely on our defense this season, more than other King teams have had to in the past. 

4) Who are your top returners?  Our libero– Emma Thompson, Middle- Taylor Orshoff and Outsides– Sam Bickett and Emily Gutierrez.

5)  What are your goals for this season?  The varsity girls all want to be scholar athletes.  They are committed to working hard and helping each other.  We want to beat all opponents in our league and finish first.   We also believe we can make a deep run in the playoffs.

6) What do you expect from your players?  I expect them to play hard and smart at every practice.   To be competitive in each match whether we win or lose.  To hold each other accountable for the skills each player needs to improve on.  To play the role given to them and be the best at that role.

7)   How do you plan to implement PEAK into your program this season?    I plan on emphasizing all the values that playing on a sports team can give you, such as, lifelong friendships, leadership skills, taking on responsibilities, being on time, learning to love the game and being a good teammate.   I plan on supporting the whole team in becoming scholar athletes!