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Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball, Boys Varsity Volleyball · HUMILITY IS THE LESSON TAUGHT BY SANTIAGO

CORONA: “Losing can be humbling, but lessons are learned at those moments” reflected Coach Lough at the end of a Big 8 League match against Santiago in Corona.

Indeed, it’s often the adversity of sports, the losses, and the calls that don’t go your way that cause athletes to change, to improve, to rise.

“The first set we had opportunities to put the set away.” Lough recalled. “It was an epic battle with the game going 32-34.  It took a lot out of the team, but they were able to bounce back in the second with a 25-12 win.”

The energy was high for both teams and King showed great composure till the end.   During the last set it went back and forth, but Santiago out played King on defense to close the set/match.

Lough recalled one of her players commenting on a recent team trip to the beach, saying that “a good team can win a volleyball game when they are ahead, but only a great team can win when they are behind”

It seemed to be a summary of the Santiago game, though it came well before the game was played.  This team had moments of greatness, but they are still working on being great under pressure.” Lough said.

On offense, James Stufkosky had 20 kills, Bradley Kleven had 22.


Michael Torquoto had 30 digs on defense, while Kleven added 16 and Stufkosky, 14.

But alas, their stats didn’t carry the day and Santiago earned the win.

“The take away?” Lough mused. “What good do we need to preach to these kids?​ That this is life, we will fall at times, but it’s how we pick ourselves up and battle back that builds character.”

“Sports can be such a mental game and pressure does funny things” she went on, “I felt the team just wasn’t working on all cylinders.  They played more like individuals than a team.”



And there’s the rub.  Individuals never make a team, though teams are made up of individuals.  Learn that lesson, even if it takes a humbling event to teach it, and you’ll ultimately find what you seek. Ask any “winner”.  They’ll likely point to their “losses” as a big reason for their success.