Coed Junior Varsity Swimming, Coed Varsity Swimming · PROFILE IN CHARACTER – BROOKS RYAN

Brooks Ryan epitomizes the why and how behind King High School’s Character Counts initiative.

Entering his fourth year as a competitive athlete for the KHS swim team, Brooks has never missed a practice, team event, or volunteer opportunity. Brooks is a leader for all and always offers help before it is even asked. With his willingness to support his team, he is often always the first to offer thanks to those who have helped him and is the first person to offer assistance to any teammate in need.

Always humble, one might overlook the fact that Brooks work ethic in the pool is matched in the classroom where he boasts over a 4.5 GPA. He is consistently awarded for his ideas in his engineering classes as well as receiving top honors state wide for his Science Fair entries year after year.

Brooks received the Wolfpack Pride award last season and his teammates firmly believe he will be the next and best President of the United States. His leadership is certainly unmatched and it is hopeful that all teams on our campus are lucky to enough to have athletes like Brooks compete for them.

By Coach Leisha Clendenen