Boys Junior Varsity Golf, Boys Varsity Golf · ADVERSITY, RAIN, AND NORCO ARE OVERCOME BY GOLF TEAM

NORCO:  At the Goose Creek course in Norco, King’s golf team took on the Cougars and fought to a solid, but close win, 202-237, with low score the winner in the sport of golf.

King had to play without it’s top scorer this year so things started out rocky but the team rebounded and were able to play the last 5 holes really well.

“Once I told the guys how close the score was, they played with urgency” Coach LeDuc said.

The absence of their lead guy was compounded by the rain that fell on part of the match.  “It’s hard to play golf when you can’t even hold your clubs” (due to the rain) said senior Michael Higginbotham

“It was a good win on a tough course in bad weather” LeDuc commented. “Playing without our best player this week forces other people to step up.”

Jake Flaczinski was one of those who did, shooting his lowest score of the year, a 37, while playing with an injured back.

Champions of character, of course, find a way to succeed regardless of the conditions or the opponent.  While the rain was an obstacle, both teams, of course are under the same elements. “The group that doesn’t complain about it the most usually will let it impact them the least” said LeDuc.


King improved to 3-3 overall in 2016, and 2-1 in league.